Executive Master of Public Policy


CRICOS course code: 095622F
Level of study: Postgraduate

This degree offers senior managers engaged in public policy within or outside government the opportunity to build skills and knowledge for governing and leading ethically in a global world. It is designed to strengthen and stretch you capacity to be an executive leader working in complex and dynamic policy environments. Throughout the EMPP degree you will reflect on your extensive policy experience, drawing on relevant scholarly debates on leadership and strategic policy-making in contemporary governance. The degree strengthens your capacity for effective executive leadership in public policy particularly in analytic, strategic and reflective thinking. You will be equipped with cutting-edge conceptual and analytical tools, as well as skills in policy communication and persuasion. The one year Executive Masters degree offers a unique cohort experience in high-quality education at Australia’s leading public policy school. Designed and taught by world class public policy scholars from the ANU’s Crawford School, this Masters degree is delivered through a mix of case-based, interactive and intensive modes of teaching.
Learning Outcomes
Demonstrate a critical understanding of the key debates and thinking about governing in a global context
Exercise ethical and responsible leadership in making and implementing public policy
Manage strategic policymaking, implementation, and evaluation processes in complex and changing environments
Demonstrate knowledge of research principles and both qualitative and quantitative methodologies relevant to the field of public policy
Identify and apply appropriate research methods to public policy challenges
Analyze, synthesize and communicate complex, political and institutional policy problems from multiple perspectives
Employ high-level analytical skills to evaluate policy challenges and policy outcomes
Influence debates and analysis of public policy issues and practical challenges across diverse cultural, developmental and institutional contexts
Communicate strategically with a range of other actors inside and outside government

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