Design Thinking and Creative Intelligence


Level of study: Career Based/Vocational

In this Micro-credential, you will explore the Design Thinking and Creative Intelligence methodology as a framework for creative problem solving within the context of Digital Transformation.
Who should attend?
Anyone wanting to gain the fundamental skills of Design Thinking and Creative Intelligence.
This course credits into further study, or can be taken stand alone.
Course content
You will be guided through the iterative design process of understanding through the lens of empathy, ideation, development and delivery. It will expand your problem-solving skills through the application of both creative and critical thinking skills and will explore concepts such as convergent and divergent thinking processes. You’ll develop the strategic thinking and entrepreneurial skills that are required for successful leadership and the implementation of innovative management practices.
Course outcome
Explore the application of methodologies, processes and tools of problem-based learning within an interdisciplinary group
Demonstrate autonomy, collaboration, and well-developed judgment and responsibility in the context of Digital Transformation

Key Information
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