Data Analysis and Interpretation


Level of study: Career Based/Vocational

The aim of this micro-credential is to equip students with the skills and knowledge to analyse existing data to create new social science and policy insights.
The concept and practice of statistical hypothesis tests
Descriptive statistics and distributional analysis
Introducing multivariate analysis – linear regression
Extending multivariate analysis – non-linear regression
The power and practice of longitudinal data analysis
Learning outcomes
Upon successful completion, enrollees will have the knowledge and skills to:
Explain the key concepts of data analysis
Outline the strengths and weaknesses of existing datasets from an analysis perspective
Outline a hypothesis test and explain the use of null and alternative hypotheses, as well as one and two-sided tests
Identify the appropriate analytical technique for different types of variables
Discuss some of the main assumptions underlying different techniques
Design or critique an analysis plan
Micro-credential stack information
This micro-credential is undertaken as a stand-alone course.

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