CUA60620 Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media Digital Cinema


CRICOS course code: 107937F
Level of study: Pathways to Undergraduate

If you want to work behind the scenes in show business, then the Digital Cinema pathway of CUA60615 Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media will certainly get the show started. This high level course will equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to work within the film and television industry. It gives you the opportunity to explore the nature of storytelling through the medium of Digital Cinema and helps you to evolve your ideas for professional creative work.
Part of the course will cover skill areas such as lighting design, developing story lines and treatments, direct cinematography, casting performers and crews for screen productions and editing complex screen productions.
You could find yourself working on content as varied as client-based corporate projects, micro dramas, documentaries and short-form narrative films with professional actors shot on cinema standard equipment. The film and television industry is growing and this course will definitely give you the practical experience to be successful.

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