CUA50920 Diploma of Photography and Digital Imaging


CRICOS course code: 108213A
Level of study: Career Based/Vocational

Take your talent for photography to new heights with this qualification. Learn how to take spectacular shots in a range of contexts and how to manipulate the environment around you to help with your photography.
During this course, you will develop your skills and knowledge in taking and developing photographs and composing, capturing, processing and enhancing images using various techniques. The course covers production of digital images, camera techniques, lighting, studio and location work. You will develop skills in business, publishing systems, markets and photographic illustration and learn to consider variables including client needs and aesthetics.
You will have the opportunity to develop skills in industrial and scientific photography, fine art photography or photojournalism. Upon graduation you will have gained a varied skill set aligned to industry standards, such as producing commercial, portrait and stock photo images, research skills and the knowledge to manage media assets.
You can continue your studies for a further year in the CUA60420 Advanced Diploma of Creative Product Development – Photography.
Freelance Photographer
Photographic Assistant

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