Bachelor of Science


CRICOS course code: 000335K
Level of study: Undergraduate

With a myriad of majors and minors, craft a science degree that is uniquely yours with the ANU Bachelor of Science.

You’ll have the opportunity to experiment in our state-of-the-art laboratories while being mentored by leading scientists. You’ll have the flexibility to go on fieldtrips, take your studies overseas, or try an internship.

Whether your passion lies in marine science or mathematics, physics or psychology, you’ll be able to explore your interests and follow your passions with our most flexible science degree.
Employment Opportunities
In a global economy driven by data, technology and innovation, high quality scientists are in demand.
You could become a neurologist, marine or conservation biologist, teacher, journalist, nuclear physicist, astronomer, meteorologist, policy advisor, researcher or maybe even pursue a career that hasn’t been invented yet.
You might also like to undertake further studies at the Honours, Masters or Doctoral level.
See where a Bachelor of Science could take you: our career wheel will help you turn your interests into a career in science.
Learning Outcomes
develop, apply, integrate and generate scientific knowledge in educational and professional contexts;
use a range of skills and methods to identify, analyse and respond to problems and issues;
convey and relate professional and disciplinary information and ideas to diverse audiences in effective and appropriate ways;
work and learn in both independent and collaborative ways with others to encompass diverse abilities and perspectives;
exercise personal, professional and social responsibility as a global citizen.
Career Options
Graduates from ANU have been rated as Australia’s most employable graduates and among the most sought after by employers worldwide.


Astronomy and Astrophysics
Biological Anthropology
Cell & Molecular Biology
Climate Science
Computer Science
Earth Science
Environmental Science
Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology
Human Biology
Human Evolutionary Biology
Marine Science
Mathematical Economics
Mathematical Finance
Mathematical Modelling
Resource and Environmental Management
Quantitative Biology
Quantitative Environmental Modelling
Science Communication
Sustainability Studies
Water Science
Agricultural Innovation
Biodiversity Conservation and Management

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