Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) – Humanities and Social Sciences


CRICOS course code: 103363E
Level of study: Undergraduate

The Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)—Humanities and Social Sciences or PhB (HaSS) is an innovative, research-focused undergraduate degree designed for intellectually curious students who want to explore their interests beyond the classroom. It’s the only program of its kind where disciplinary knowledge is enriched by a deep regional understanding of Asia and the Pacific.
As a member of our interdisciplinary research community you will have the opportunity to explore your interests through a diverse range of disciplines including: history, anthropology, international relations, gender, culture, strategic studies, sociology, political science, language and linguistics, literature, law and regulation, archaeology, and economics.
You will receive one-on-one mentoring from a range of world-leading researchers at the forefront of their fields and develop your capacity for independent research and critical thinking in an academically rigorous learning environment. You will join a dynamic cohort of students in the PhB, interacting through special research seminars, and connecting with international peers through internship and exchange opportunities.
Employment Opportunities
The PhB is an ideal path to take if you are already aiming for a career in research, but it is equally good if you decide to enter the workforce directly, as you will not only have gained the academic and generic skills normally obtained within a degree but will have gained highly marketable skills in independent research, oral and written communication and also in teamwork.
Learning Outcomes
Engage professionally and respectfully with Asia, the Pacific, and the world using sophisticated concepts and methods from the humanities and social sciences.
Critically analyse the research literature from both specialist and interdisciplinary perspectives.
Create new interdisciplinary knowledge that helps to build an integrated understanding of complex social, cultural, political and/or linguistic issues at an Asia-Pacific regional or global scale.
Convey professional and disciplinary knowledge to diverse audiences in a clear and convincing manner.
Collaborate with peers to identify and solve problems in business, politics, and the academy.
Conceptualise new research projects considering their practical application, academic contributions, and ethical implications.
Undertake independent research drawing on high level project management, analysis, and writing skills, as well as professional connections.
Exercise personal, professional and social responsibility as a global citizen.

Key Information
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