Bachelor of Music and Performing Arts / Bachelor of Arts


CRICOS course code: 106894J
Level of study: Undergraduate

This combined degree program provides scope for study in both Music, Performing Arts, and the Arts. Students complete two-degree awards over four years of full-time study (or part-time equivalent).
The flexibility of this combined degree allows you:
to develop skills in music theory technology, industry and collaboration, awa well as choosing to develop your creative passion and technical skills in areas of focus such as performance, song writing, and production; and
to gather skills that will prepare you for the workplace and a wide variety of careers, with the flexibility to choose from a broad range of Arts majors and minors to match your specific interests, including pursuing themes and disciplines, gaining work experience, engaging with industry, and completing research projects.
Students will complete a major in Music and Performing Arts, and a major in Arts, with the option to complete an Arts minor or complement their degree with elective choices.
Program learning outcomes
On successful completion of the program students will have:

You will be able to create, produce, perform and/or research to a professional standard.
You will have the ability to function autonomously and collaboratively with others on projects and events, as per the demands of the music and performing arts industry.
You will be able to effectively integrate digital technology into your music and performing arts practices.
You will possess a critical and scholarly appreciation of music and the performing arts and their much aesthetics from a socio-cultural perspective.
You will be able to function as a professional in the music and performing arts industry and act as advocate for music communities and professional bodies.
You will have the capacity to research, analyse, and apply knowledge from disciplinary and multidisciplinary perspectives within the Arts.

Total units required
320 units

Key Information
Visa Information
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