Bachelor of Medical Science


CRICOS course code: 036662J
Level of study: Undergraduate

Follow in the footsteps of Nobel Prize winner Howard Florey and kick-start your career in medical research with the Bachelor of Medical Science. You’ll delve into genetics, immunology, nutrition, physiology, microbiology, biochemistry and anatomy to understand how the human body works. Learn directly from biomedical scientists and health professionals, who are working to develop new cancer vaccines or ground-breaking treatments for autoimmune diseases.
Learning Outcomes
Learning outcome Bachelor of Medical Science
Upon completion of this program, graduates will be able to

develop, apply, integrate and generate scientific knowledge in educational and professional contexts
use a range of skills and methods to identify, analyze and respond to problems and issues
convey and relate professional and disciplinary information and ideas to diverse audiences in effective and appropriate ways
work in both independent and collaborative ways with others to encompass diverse abilities and perspectives; and
exercise personal, professional and social responsibility as a global citizen

Learning outcomes Bachelor of Medical Science Honours Year
Upon completion of this program, graduates will be able to

Specific learning outcomes will depend on the nature of the research project. In general, on satisfactory completion of the program students will have the knowledge and skills to
Plan and engage in an independent and sustained critical investigation and evaluation of a research topic in the field of biomedical sciences
Systematically identify relevant theory and concepts in the field of biomedical sciences, relate these to appropriate methodologies and evidence, and draw appropriate conclusions
Engage in critical review of appropriate and relevant information sources
Understand and apply principles of laboratory safety and relevant laboratory techniques.
Communicate concepts and results clearly and effectively both in writing and orally
Record original data and apply statistical or other evaluation processes to original data when appropriate

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