Bachelor of Laws


CRICOS course code: 099440B
Level of study: Undergraduate

The Bachelor of Laws course provides students with the academic foundation for admission to legal practice. In that context, the course provides them with knowledge of the law, legal processes and legal principles and cultivates a capacity for legal research, analysis and communication. There is a focus on the analysis, interpretation, evaluation and application of various sources of legal authority in order to construct solutions to legal problems. The course also deals with theoretical perspectives on the law and encourages an appreciation of transnational law and of legal issues of special significance to the Northern Territory, including Aboriginal legal issues. The degree can also be taken with honours.
This is a competitive course and you are encouraged to also apply for the Associate Degree of Legal Studies ( ) or the Diploma of Laws ( ) as an alternative pathway should students not meet the cutoff.
Professional Recognition
The Bachelor of Laws is accredited by the Legal Practitioners Admission Board of the Northern Territory and provides the academic foundation for admission to legal practice in the Northern Territory and elsewhere in Australia. To be admitted to legal practice in Australia, law graduates must also complete the Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (GDLP). Students intending to gain admission to practice are advised to seek advice from the admitting authority in the relevant State or Territory.
Career Opportunities
Law prepares you to pursue the pathway towards a career as a solicitor or barrister, however, it may also provide career paths into areas where an in-depth understanding of the law is advantageous, including politics, the public service, industrial relations or community advocacy.

Key Information
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