Bachelor of Languages


CRICOS course code: 073988B
Level of study: Undergraduate

ANU offers an outstanding variety of programs for Australia’s next generation of language leaders, with more languages offered than at any other university in Australia. The ANU Bachelor of Languages is a wonderful way to take advantage of that, through the study of two (or more) languages, in combination with other areas of interest.
Your language education experience is designed to engage you with the structural, grammatical and idiomatic components of your chosen language or languages. This is further contextualized using cultural, social and historical concepts, issues and topics. You can start at beginning level, or at higher levels if you have past experience. Exciting opportunities exist for you to immerse yourself in your chosen language and culture through study abroad, and to combine your language study with a range of other areas.
Career Options
Graduates from ANU have been rated as Australia’s most employable graduates and among the most sought after by employers worldwide.
The latest Global Employability University Ranking, published by the Times Higher Education, rated ANU as Australia’s top university for getting a job for the fourth year in a row.
Employment Opportunities
Graduates may find work in diplomacy, trade, defense, translation, journalism, language analysis, language teaching, tourism, trade and many other fields.
Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of a Bachelor of Languages, graduates will be able to:
communicate proficiently and confidently in at least one language
identify the structure and uses of languages studied
recognize and contrast the societies and cultures of the languages chosen, and their socio-historical context
construct a global schema of the connections between the languages studied and their geographical, social and cultural origins
recognize the importance and value of intercultural communication.

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