Bachelor of International Relations / Bachelor of Political Science


CRICOS course code: 079093D
Level of study: Undergraduate

Can you see yourself jet-setting the globe with a career in trade, foreign affairs, journalism, international business or research? You have found the right degree.
ANU is a leader in the field of International Relations.
Our program will introduce you to International Relations, initially via the broad historical and intellectual framework which has framed the modern world of states since the 17th century. It will then concentrate on the 20th century, the age of World Wars and the Cold War, before addressing contemporary issues, the age of global political economy, global culture and communication, global environmental concerns and post-Cold war political conflict, including the ‘War on Terror’.
With our flexible program you can extend your chosen language subject into a major, and have the opportunity to go on exchange or an international/national internship.
The Bachelor of Political Science is the only dedicated Political Science degree in Australia. The ANU has some of the world’s finest political scientists, and was the only Australian university to receive a 5 (“well above world class”) in both of the Excellence in Research for Australia’s reports. Located in the national capital, the ANU is the only university with a right to place interns in Australian Parliament House. The Bachelor of Political Science will give you the knowledge, theoretical understandings, and practical skills that underpin a successful career that engages with politics.
Learning Outcomes
identify the principal theoretical approaches to the study of international relations, and the relationships between them;
have a thorough understanding of the historical development of the global system;
demonstrate an understanding of the principal actors in contemporary global politics and the challenges they face;
understand the principal factors that determine the foreign policies of major powers and of Australia; and
reflect critically on the knowledge and skills developed in their study of International Relations.

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