Bachelor of Health Science / Master of Nutrition


CRICOS course code: 0101038
Level of study: Undergraduate

The Bachelor of Health Science/Master of Nutrition offers you the opportunity to commence a diverse career in health focusing on how food and nutrition impacts health across individuals, families, communities and industry. At CDU our Bachelor of Health Science/Master of Nutrition will enable you to work in diverse areas of nutrition including food research, dietetic studies, food and health policy, or individual or community nutrition strategies and public health. We offer supported relevant practical experiences and opportunity to study abroad.
This four year program allows you to graduate with both a Bachelor of Health Science and Master of Nutrition. This will equip you to enter the workforce in any number of health areas, such as nutrition focused roles in community health organisations, acute care settings, or in public health and health promotion.
Career opportunities:
Graduating from this course may lead to career opportunities in areas such as Patient educators, Nutrition assistant, Nutrition consultants, Health promotion officers, Community health officers, Public health nutrition, Research and advisors, Education facilities, Universities and research facilities, Quality and nutrition coordinators, Food technologists.
Course structure:
Australia needs competent health professionals who understand the impact of nutrition on health to address the prevention and treatment of illness and this course prepares you to take on this challenge.

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