Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)


CRICOS course code: 077943E
Level of study: Undergraduate

Do you want to make solar energy more efficient and live in a sustainable city, create new technologies in robotics and wireless internet of things, or even develop materials to support the growth of human cells? This is the degree for you!

The ANU Bachelor of Engineering boasts many unique characteristics, but best of all, it is built on a ‘multidisciplinary systems’ approach. What does that mean? Successful engineers need to understand how disciplines work together. Our state-of-the-art education experience ensures that you will be able to design, analyse and manage the complex systems of the future.

This exceptional degree will not only allow you to excel in your career, but to also make a real difference and help to solve some of the world’s largest problems.
Learning Outcomes
Professionally apply systematic engineering methods to design optimised and sustainable solutions to complex, multi-disciplinary real-world engineering problems.
Formulate and evaluate solutions to engineering problems by selecting and applying theoretical principles and methods from the underpinning physical, mathematical and information sciences.
Proficiently apply advanced technical knowledge and appropriate tools in at least one field of engineering specialisation.
Identify and critically evaluate current developments and emerging trends within at least one field of engineering specialisation.
Understand the contextual factors that influence professional engineering practice, and identify the potential societal, ethical, and environmental impact of engineering activities.
Communicate effectively with colleagues, other engineering professionals and the broader community employing a range of communication media and tools.
Engage in independent research and investigation through the application of research-based knowledge and research methods, including searching, analysing and evaluating information sources within and beyond their engineering discipline.
Engage effectively in critical reflection and independent learning to continue practicing at the forefront of the discipline.
Work effectively and proactively within cross-cultural, multi-disciplinary teams, demonstrating autonomy, ethical conduct, well-developed judgement, adaptability and responsibility to achieve engineering outcomes at a high standard.
Career Options
Graduates from ANU have been rated as Australia’s most employable graduates and among the most sought after by employers worldwide.


Electronic and Communication Systems

Environmental Systems

Mechatronic Systems

Renewable Energy Systems
Mechanical and Material Systems

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