Associate Degree of Legal Studies


CRICOS course code: 046424G
Level of study: Undergraduate

The Associate Degree of Legal Studies is for anyone who is interested in broadening their understanding of the legal system without committing to a full law degree. This course will give you a broad understanding of the law, legal processes and legal principles and introduce you to practical areas of the law such as torts, contracts, criminal law and transnational law. It caters for two groups of students: those who have a general interest in legal issues without wishing to complete a full law degree and those who wish to gauge their interest in legal studies and perhaps later seek to undertake a full law degree program.
Course structure
The course will introduce students to the fundamental concepts and processes of law including criminal law, torts, contracts and constitutional law. Specialist elective units provide students the opportunity to pursue further study into special interest topics such as transnational law, property law, human rights and criminology.
External students have access to live online tutorials as well as online access to the recordings of all lectures, enabling them to complete the course from anywhere in the world.
A candidate must successfully complete units totalling 160 credit points (cp) as detailed below.

Key Information
Visa Information
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