Can I apply for a Student Visa after a 485 Temporary Graduate Visa?

The Genuine Temporary Entrant Requirement

The most difficult part of the new student application is meeting the genuine temporary entrant requirement. You will need to explain to immigration that you intend to study this course and return home afterwards. You don’t even need to study at a higher level. If you studied at a bachelor level you don’t necessarily need to study at a masters level.

We have assisted students who previously studied a bachelor at university, then obtain a 485 visa successfully apply for a student visa to study a Diploma course. You just need to explain to immigration the reason for studying your chosen course and this is where having skilled education and migration agents like Pathway to Aus lodge your enrolment and help with drafting your visa and GTE statement.

Tips for Meeting the GTE Requirement

  • Be realistic in your article
  • Explain your Personal Circumstances
  • Do your research in the industry or course you are studying
  • Always discuss the future value of the course to you
  • Explain your immigration history
  • Explain why you chose to study in Australia
  • Provide supporting documents
  • Pick a course relate to anything you have previously studied