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What is Superannuation?

Superannuation for students

Most people are entitled to compulsory super contributions from their employer. These super guarantee contributions must be at least 9% of your ordinary time earnings. You may also be entitled to choose the fund your super is paid into.

Can international students get loans to study in Australia?

Unfortunately international students can not receive student loans or “Higher Education Loan Program (HELP)” from the Australian government to pay for their course fees in Australia. HELP is actually only available to Australian citizens, so even permanent residents in Australia or New Zealanders cannot access student loans from the Australian Government.

Visit North Queensland On A Budget.

Before coming to Australia I’m sure everyone has heard about tropical North Queensland. North Qld has to be one of not only Australia’s but the World’s most beautiful destinations. There is so much to see and do, from spending time on a secluded island on the reef, snorkelling with beautiful coloured coral and fish, adventuring through the tropical rainforest or having some big nights at the backpacker bars and clubs there is something for all tastes. We will try and help you get the most out of your North QLD trip through this blog so you don’t miss out on anything.

What English Course Is Best For You?

What is the difference between General English , IELTS Prep, & Certificates in English Proficiency ? And what one is right for you?

Pathway to Aus International Student Soccer Competition

The annual Pathway to Aus International Student Soccer Competition wen down on March 7th. There were 12 teams entered from Colleges around The Gold Coast including: Eagle Academy, Imagine Education, Inforum, Holmes, Langports and Griffith.

Changes Affecting Working Holiday Makers

Many people are confused by the recent changes to tax and work that is eligible for second working holiday visa. This is a simple explanation of what it will mean for you if you are currently working in Australia.

How To Do Melbourne On A Budget…

Melbourne is Australia’s Hidden Little Gem. If you are looking to study in Australia and are looking for a location that is with in a big city, Has some of the Best Night life in the Whole Country and has a thriving Music, Arts & Food Scene This is definitely the Place for you.

4 Great Courses for the Future

These vocational courses skill students in useful jobs that will become increasingly in demand in the future. Not just in Australia, but all over the world.

Bricklayers Earn the Big Bucks in Aus

BRICKLAYERS are making up to $1200 a day as Australia’s tradesmen and women rapidly overtake professionals in earning power.
The Daily Telegraph recently reported on the huge demand for brickies in Australia. Bricklayers, or “brickies” as they are fondly known in Australia are earning up to $5000 per week to work a four-day week because of a critical skilled labour shortage in Australia.

The General Requirements to pass a TRADE Skills Assessment

Understanding what it takes to pass a skills assessment can be difficult. This article should make it clearer the requirements to pass a skills assessment for most trade occupations including Carpentry, Joinery, Bricklaying , Electrician, Airconditioning refrigeration mechanic, Tiler, Metal Fabrication, Painting and Decorating, Welding, Boat Building, Auto mechanic, Auto Electrical.