5 First Steps For A Partner Visa

5 First Steps For A Partner Visa

This video highlights some of the most important first steps you should take if you and your partner are considering applying for a partner visa.

When applying for a partner visa, it is extremely important to be able to document the relationship on paper. The earlier you gather documentation, because the longer the history of the relationship, the stronger the application seems.

As mentioned in this video, the earlier you do these 5 steps, the more likely you will have success when lodging your visa. Please refer to our other videos that discuss the application process.

Please note; we understand that everyone may not be able to do each step, that is fine, just do as many as you can.

What are the first 5 steps?

  1. Move-in together and gather documentation to show you are living at the same address

Sign the lease, get a letter from the landlord, get correspondence sent to the address (utilities, bank docs, ATO, drivers license etc.) Any form of documentation that can place you at the same location. You do not need to be on the lease.

  1. Set up a Joint Bank Account (and actually use it)

Even if you are not living together you can set up a joint bank account. Once you have done this, USE IT. Both parties should put money in for groceries, dates, rent, bills, or even for travel)

  1. Register a relationship in the state that you live

Did you know that registering your relationship in the state or territory can waive the 12 monthly de facto requirement? It also really goes a long way to demonstrate the commitment in the relationship. Most states allow you to register your relationship with the deaths and births registry in each state.

  1. Make each other the superannuation beneficiary

Did you know you can list each other as your superannuation beneficiary? This means that should you pass, your partner is devastated, however, he/she receives your superannuation. To do this, you can contact the superannuation company, quite often you can do this online.


  1. Put each other’s names on any official documentation that you can Include two names (Car registration, utilities, internet etc.)

By doing these 5 steps, you will lodge a very strong application.

As always any questions please never hesitate to contact the team at Pathway to Aus on the phone, website Facebook, or Instagram Thanks!