4 Great Courses for the Future

These vocational courses skill students in useful jobs that will become increasingly in demand in the future. Not just in Australia, but all over the world.


Increasingly more occupations are becoming automated by machines. This has never been more common in the manufacturing industry. A great example is if you look at how cars were manufactured 100 years ago; everything was assembled by hand. However nowadays automated robots control 99% of the manufacturing process. The cost efficiency in using a robot compared to humans is huge.

Electro Instrumentation Technicians program/fix these machines/robots to ensure that they run smoothly.

Common examples of where an instrumentation technician would work include:

  • Mining sites
  • Power Plants
  • Manufacturing Industries

Because this is a relatively new occupation, there are very few tradesman skilled in this field. Consequently the demand for this occupation is huge. And the pay is excellent.

Please note that as Electronic Instrument Trades Worker (342315) – is currently on the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) . This means that upon completion of this 2 year trade occupation, students may be eligible to apply for the graduate work visa.

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Sustainable Development

The world has finally woken up to global warming and the devastating effects that humans are having on the earth. Both individuals and companies are looking for sustainable living and ways to not damage the environment. Consequently sustainable development has become a growing industry.

The course allows students to establish processes for improved sustainability performance within organisations. The course gives students technical skills related to engineering, chemical, environmental and other technical analyses that may be needed for improving sustainability.

More information on Sustainable Development can be found here


Humans are living longer than they used to. At the moment most countries are facing an ageing population crisis. As the population ages, there is an increase in the demand for health care professionals.

Nurses are constantly overworked in Australia, because of the lack of qualified professionals. In fact, more work visas are granted for qualified nurses to Australia than almost all other occupations.  There are many different nursing professions in demand in Australia including nurse practitioner, aged care registered nurse and surgical nurse.

There are two main nursing courses offered in Australia:

  • 1.5 year Diploma of Nursing

This qualifies you to be an enrolled nurse and is offered by many TAFE’s around Australia. It also offers a pathway to become a registered nurse.

  • 4 year Bachelor of Nursing

This is the course that students must take to become a registered nurse in Australia

Computer Programming

This course is really a no brainer. How many of you wish that you had learnt to computer program when you were young? Don’t worry, it is not too late.

Students who study this course will gain a strong foundation from which you may choose to enter the world of programming. This course will teach you how to use Java and C-sharp, two of the most popular programming languages in the industry. Another important course component you will learn is diagnosing and debugging a site for flaws and errors as well as comprehending and applying the principals of object-oriented programming.

Imagine how much this course would make you stand out to future employers.

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